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Consolidated Turnaround Safety Services

Consider the advantages of supplying your entire project's safety equipment and services through a single contractor.

  • Pre-job planning
  • Training and certification
  • Turnaround trailers
  • Breathing air equipment
  • Fall protection
  • Air quality
  • Gas detection
  • Safety Supplies

Pre-job Planning

Safety professionals will meet with your project planners to provide simple, easy-to-follow guidelines to accurately estimate your requirements and costs.

From calculating volumes of breathing air to suggesting PPE inventories, we can help eliminate the guesswork.

turnaround trailerTurnaround trailers

  • Allows for equipment and consumables to be issued in the fast-paced turnaround environment
  • Track cost by the area of the plant the equipment is used
  • Prevents unauthorized system entry
  • Equipment tracking and reporting accountability
  • Technicians issue and manage maintenance of the equipment
  • The outstanding report will show all current equipment rentals
  • The employee clearance report shows everything currently out on rent for an employee
  • Track consumable inventory including minimum and maximum quantities.


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